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The Silent Service: Part One

The Silent Service is available at Amazon Studio's here.

The Blacklist Report


"The strongest elements of this script are its characters, its plot, and the setting. Both the lead characters are genuine and complex individuals that confront the harsh reality of war with bravado, while also maintaining a sense of humor. The supporting characters are all distinct and have clearly defined roles that they carry out as members of a cohesive team. Together, they compose a compelling group with layered ties that run deep and conflicts that ring true. Next, the plot is sharply crafted and unfolds seamlessly. It establishes the stakes, conflicts, and players early on and then lulls you into a contained world that is nuanced far beyond any expectation. Scenes transition smoothly and connect in ways that are indirect, yet still cohesive. Last, the setting of a submarine in the Pacific during WWII serves as an immersive and specific backdrop for the story. It helps create an unmistakable atmosphere that heightens the tension and elevates every interaction between the characters."

Series potential:

"Stories that explore the exploits of legendary military units from iconic wars tend to appeal to audiences with an affinity for history. This script tells that kind of story by highlighting the dangerous mission of the USS Wahoo submarine and its brave crew during WWII. The characters are authentic and multi-faceted, which helps give the story a unique sensibility. It brings to mind the miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS, as well as the film FURY. If paired with the right producers, studio, and network, this could make a compelling and memorable ... series."

The Silent Service - TV Drama Series


After Pearl Harbor a handful of US submarines face the Japanese advance. Based on the true story of the men of the Silent Service and the women who kept them alive.



The unlikely pair of "Mush" Morton and Dick O'Kane take command of the US submarine Wahoo. With the Pacific fleet devastated during Pearl Harbor, this first vital and perilous mission may well be their last.



Dick O'Kane wakes from his nightmare -- a sinking submarine. WW2, 1943, and Dick discovers his boat really is in danger of sinking. His chronically inept captain Granville Kennedy has fired on his own submarine. The anxiety and anger of the crew is personified by furious Prospective Commanding Officer Mush Morton, who is a potential future captain training for the first time on Wahoo.

Following a brief shore-leave Mush and Dick are surprisingly given command of the sub, but under the most dire circumstances. They are the only submarine capable of preventing the launch of a new Japanese destroyer, the most lethal weapon in the Japanese Navy's considerably superior arsenal. Dick, Mush, and the entire crew must be at their absolute best to stand any chance of succeeding in their perilous mission. They unknowingly face Japan's finest ship and deadliest captain on their maiden voyage.


The Silent Service is a series much in the vein of Band Of Brothers and The Pacific. 

While seeming to match those series in terms of scale, much of the most thrilling action takes place on a confined soundstage set. A lean lead cast is supported by rotating guest actors.

Our main character's story is thrilling, having served on the two most successful submarines of the war, both sunk, he is ultimately captured and interned in Japan. Dick O'Kane embodies all it takes to fight and survive WW2.

Tameichi Hara of the destroyer Shigure is our antagonist. He was the only Japanese captain to survive the war, and literally wrote the book on anti-submarine warfare.

The crucial and little known role played by navy women in support of the patrolling submarines and their crews, and the prominent position of Ernestine O'Kane in the war effort 'back home' are significant female characters in a traditionally male dominated genre.



  • War drama primarily filmed on confined soundstage set.

  • Limited lead cast.

  • Main character's story is both unbelievable and true.

  • Complex antagonist character portraying a sympathetic and morally incorruptible enemy.

  • Lead women in significant and revelatory roles.

  • Ethnically diverse cast.



The Silent Service       

Episodic TV Action\Drama Series
"High drama under the high seas. The true story of WW2's heroes and villains in the Pacific."

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